A happy ending

Once upon a time there was a Democratic president, who, for the benefit of his country, pushed some rather radical new programs.

In one program, he directly appealed to America’s school children, asking them for their involvement and support.

Years later when I was in elementary school, children were still marching to his beat. Every American school child.

That man was Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a polio victim, and his “radical” program was the March of Dimes,
the first organization to directly engage citizen volunteers to achieve social change.

Every school in this country passed out little cards with slots to be filled with dimes. Every kid worked untiringly to fill the slots.

We did it because we were afraid to play in water puddles. We saw other children encased in metal leg braces, cumbersome wheelchairs or iron lungs.

By the time I reached junior high school some of my schoolmates still wore the metal braces on their legs as children lined up for “cures” by Sabin and Salk.

So effective was this presidential program involving school kids, its focus eventually became the eradication of birth defects.

Imagine an American president asking school children to apply themselves for the betterment of their country.


Sue said...

So true BJ great post!! I'm inspired now to tell you you are a gifted and dear friend!

PS I'll be back later to read your last post!

Tiny said...

Tiny remembers those cards that got a dime at a time until the card was filled. And we were thrilled to know we were helping others. Amazing how a "radical" president foisted such a gimmick onto innocent little school children. NOT!

God bless FDR and March of Dimes. One of my foster kids is still crippled today due to having polio. And thank God for her adoptive mother who worked with her so diligently so she could walk, although it's apparent she is crippled.

Tiny thinks the absolute radicals of today doth protest too much.

BJ, thanks for all you do to remind people that some rational people still inhabit this planet.

Falzone for America said...

I hope the kids rebel against their parents as we did to take up the gauntlet thrown by the President and buckle down. I hope the President makes good on his campaign promises for Health care Reform and a new economy based on Infrastructure modernization, alternative fuel research and development, and more exports less imports.

These things combined could turn America back onto the right path. Max Backus and his individual health coverage mandate which would create a fine of up to $3800 per person per year for failing to purchase private insurance would be a big step downward into the dark ages of corporatism. President Obama MUST reject and veto any such legislation.

Frodo, agreeing with McCain said...

And then there was Congressman Joe Wilson. Is it a State requirement in South Carolina that in order to serve in public office, one must first be a certifiable asshole? Frodo wonders how much Wilson has contributed to the March of Dimes?

B.J. said...

Yes, Frodo, the South Carolina General Assembly adopted legislation similar to that of its sister state of Georgia and also one of the 13 Original Colonies, to-wit:

The majority of public officials must be certified assholes.