Decade's totally bad flicks

Headed out to your favorite movie rental spot? This one’s for movie buffs and lovers of lists!

In my home film library I have a collection of movies labeled “Totally Bad Sci-Fi.” I also have 17 of the old black-and-white Godzilla films, which might be viewed in a different light when you realize Godzilla represents the atomic bomb. (Bought a movie ticket for the latest Godzilla, and it sucked.)

These are movies which the publication VideoHound Golden Movie Retriever would call “a waste of film and studio vehicles.”

Sometimes they’re just so bad they’re good.

Rotten Tomatoes has compiled a list of the 100 Worst Movies of the Decade (2000-2009).

To help you decide what you might want to avoid for your movie weekend – or check out depending on how warped and campy you are – DemWit has complied the list and put it in The Reading Room, so you won't have to wade through all those pesky screens. This is a LONG list, so feel free to scroll and scan - or zero in on one that was a waste of your ticket money!

Fire up the popcorn and get a taste of totally rotten HERE. To comment, please hit "backspace" and return to this post. Thanks!

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Sue said...

BJ I'm not a movie watcher, I have a very short attention span. But my husband is king of campy and weird movie taste, the things he watches on the sci- fi channel would make you gasp!!