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For The Comments Zone this weekend:

1 – The first day of Spring.

2 – March 19, 2003 to March 19, 2009: six years in Iraq.

3 – This from The Progress Report, 19 March 2009:

“President (George W.) Bush's memoir will tentatively be called ‘Decision Points’ and is scheduled for a 2010 release by Crown. ‘Bush will concentrate on about a dozen personal and presidential choices, from giving up drinking to picking Dick Cheney as his vice president to sending troops to Iraq.’ He will also write about ‘his religious faith and his highly criticized response to Hurricane Katrina.' "

Fire away!


Infidel753 said...

President (George W.) Bush's memoir will tentatively be called ‘Decision Points’ and is scheduled for a 2010 release

Bad timing. Whatever self-justifications it offers will be seized on by the Limbaugh crowd as a basis for loudly trying to vindicate Bush, thus reminding the voters of all the messes the Republicans created when they were in power -- just in time for the midterm election.

Good Southern Man said...

If Bush could just say, "I made a mistake" about one of the many mistakes he made, I would feel so much more respect for him. The American people need to hear this. His justifications and excuses seem to be an attempt to correct the past instead of adding insight to it.

airth10 said...

I am pretending I was made to make a comment, any comment. Well, I hope Bush's book is a failure and hardly nobody reads it. But, then, people might want to read it because of a curiosity about the idiotic things he might have to say about himself, and history.

You can bet he will have a ghost-writer, like he had a ghost administration.

B.J. said...

Happy to see your comments, Infidel753. I’ve read your comments on Papamoka and am glad you visited DemWit.

Airth, I believe you are right about the ghostwriter! Today I tried to picture Bush sitting at a computer writing a book and just laughed out loud.

GSM, don’t hold your breath until Bush admits mistakes. I especially like the part about his picking Cheney as his vice president. Everyone knows Cheney picked himself.


tiny said...

Ah, the first day of spring! Time to get those seeds in the ground and to wish firstborn his Happy 53rd Birthday.

The Decider's "Decision Points" have already been read for the past eight years. Petition Pres. Obama to tax the $7 million at 90%to help rpeay taxpayers, in part, for The Decider's Iraq war and other foibles.

His squandering taxpayers money like a drunken sailor proves he's still drinking that odd mix of Kool Aid. Seems to be the same odd mix of drink his religion serves at communion.

As for Katrina, survivors of that catastrophe will have the last say on that event. So what does he have left for the ghost to write about?

B.J. said...

Hey, Tiny. I think of you in spring, because I know how much you love putting flowers in the dirt. What’s really going to be funny is when Bush’s memoir wins a prize for “best fiction.”

tiny said...

BJ, Tiny doubts that even a ghost writer can unscramble Bush's lingo and lack of intellligence into evan a "prize winning" fiction. I guess that will depend on how hungry gullible fun-DUH-mentalists become. You know how ofetn they keep digging up Reagan!

He may not get anymore people out for his book signing than Joe The Plumber got out for his. That story sure did die a quick death! Eleven people showed up and five books sold. Brings tears to your eyes doesn't it? NOT!

Frodo, with the old folks eating chocolate pudding said...

Of his Cheney selection, Bush will say "The Devil Made Me Do It."

Infidel753 said...

Bush will say "The Devil Made Me Do It."

That's what they all say.....When the Devil finally writes his memoirs, I wonder whom he'll blame.....

B.J. said...

Hi “Infidel753:”

Loved the comment!

I’m happy you are visiting DemWit. I thought I would call your attention to two posts which I believe you would enjoy:

A white house

Jefferson Young revisited

Thanks! BJ

Infidel753 said...

BJ, thank you for pointing those out. It's a moving story, particularly the contrast between the reaction to Young's novel and the election of the first black President.

As it happens, my own latest posting is also a review of a book by a man born and raised in a bigoted society, who transcended it and spoke out against it.

The darkness can lift