Dickens' 'Self-Tormentor'

From Charles Dickens’ “Little Dorrit,” beginning of Chapter 21, “The History of a Self-Tormentor:”

“I have the misfortune of not being a fool. From a very early age I have detected what those about me thought they hid from me. If I could have been habitually imposed upon instead of habitually discerning the truth, I might have lived as smoothly as most fools do.”


Ever feel this way?


Papamoka said...

Limbaugh is the King of the GOP and they can have him! I don't mind picking up ten or twenty seats in the house and another five or six in the senate for the Democrats!

With his brains on loan from God he forgot to pay the late fees and fines for not using it as it was intended.

airth10 said...

From Time magazine, the GOP is the Dittohead party and Limbaugh is its leader.

The GOP suffers fools gladly. Dickens would have had a field day with them and Limbaugh.

We are in the 'best of times and the worst of times': George Bush is gone but his poison remains.

Gregg Sutton said...

Catching up on your articles. Ever notice that the ones who impose upon you the most are usually the ones who aren't there when you need them the most?

B.J. said...

Papamoka and Airth: Thanks for responding to "Fears of a Clown" under "opinion" in my sidebar! And, thanks, Airth, for calling my attention to the blogger.

Oh, yeah, Gregg, I had a big ole dose of that this week!

Frodo the Bartender said...

It is Friday, Frodo has had a long week trudging up Mount Doom, and he is considering "one more for the road" as he totally ignores every mention of economies, economics, economists, econometrics, and even eclosions (look that up in your Funk & Wagnalls). Perhaps that is why he has to admit that he's not real sure what any of you are talking about.
Anybody else want a Cosmo?

airth10 said...

There goes Frodo again, under the table.

B.J. said...

Barbara Millicent Roberts turns 50 - and she still has her bod. Boo-hoo. BJ

airth10 said...

Rush Limbaugh reminds me of Joe McCarthy whose politics and 'fiction' eventually let to his demise. Limbaugh will probably end up the same way because of the negative factor he has become.

B.J. said...

‘Tis (sorry I’m listening to Dickens) a sad state of affairs when the likes of a Limbaugh and an Ann Coulter are all the Consevative Political Action Committee – CPAC – can find to rally their troops, which now apparently consists of far-right Looney Tunes.

So, everybody happy? Nothing to vent?


airth10 said...

BJ, we have been venting but in a quite way.

Ok! I hate Limbaugh and wish the worst for him. But, then, he doesn't bother me that much.

And I don't think that "Slumdog Millionaire" should have gotten Best Picture. It was a good movie but not best picture.

Frodo, fighting an unarmed man said...

So, is airth 10 recommending "Butterfield 8?"