Earth Hour tonight, RSVP

On Sunday, March 29, the first of three negotiating sessions on climate change will convene in Bonn, Germany. Thus begins a year of international efforts, which will culminate in the United Nations Climate Change Conference (LINK) in Copenhagen, Denmark, December 7-18.

The policies formulated at this critical conference will replace the Kyoto Protocol.


The World Wildlife Fund, the one with the panda logo, is asking you to take an hour – Earth Hour – to make a statement to those participating in these important negotiations:

* To vote for Planet Earth, turn your lights out from 8:30 to 9:30 local time, Saturday night, 28 March 2009.

* To vote for global warming, do nothing.

It’s as easy as that, and you will join 1 billion people in 71 countries and territories around the Earth who want to make their support for Planet Earth known before the Copenhagen conference.


Eiffel Tower in Paris
Sydney Opera House
Acropolis and Parthenon in Athens
The London Eye
Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
Rome’s Colosseum
The Coca Cola billboard in Times Square


Your home



For The Comments Zone: What will you do for an hour in the dark?


Infidel753 said...

Thanks for helping spread the word.

Sadly, there are people out there who would "vote for global warming". I've seen right-wing bloggers who positively revel in "maximizing the carbon footprint".

tiny said...

Tiny will no doubt take a nap after she gets home from a workshop. So no problem with it being dark. If not sleeping, then in meditation.

Noah must have dropped his cell phone overboard or turned it off because he hasn't sent the ark to the flooded areas.

Hope your weekend gets better by the minutes.

Frodo, Authority on Gerontology said...

Frodo is looking for solid food near the Shire (for the uninitiated, he has been visiting Bilbo in Sun City). He will resume his witty repartee between halves of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Would anyone like some Mexican food that looks like it once filled a diaper?

airth10 said...

We are going to a World Wildlife Federation dinner tonight, occurring in candle light. How romantic, I was told.

I feel awful that this comment is following the one above.

Falzone for the Planet said...

That's ok Frodo I know how Mexican food looks but it tastes great. I'm going to a Blues Jam in a Mexican restaurant so my lights will be out. I would participate even if I was home though. I love the Earth Hour website with the "t" Shirt on the big tree. :)