Who's your favorite Dimwit?

The following persons (in alphabetical order) were nominated by DemWit readers for “Dimwit of the Year.” The winner will be announce on DemWit Monday, 29 December. Please click on “Comments” below this post to vote. Thanks!

BIG THREE EXECS - Flew in on private jets to ask for a handout.

JOHN EDWARDS – Wealthy lawyer who tried to convince us he is “poor folks” just like us, and embarrassed his supportive wife and his Party in the process.

PHIL GRAMM - McCain economic adviser who called a struggling America “a nation of whiners.”

JOHN HINDRAKER - Big-time right-wing blogger thinks Barack Obama needs elocution lessons from George W. Bush.

SARAH PALIN - Well, gosh, darn it, that “heartbeat away from the presidency” thing scared the hell out of us.

HENRY W. “HANK” PAULSON - The protector of our piggy bank proved “The Peter Principle” prevails.

To vote: no need to “log in” to comment. On the “Comments” form, just click on “Name/URL” to type in your name or choose “Anonymous.”

In addition to “Dimwit of the Year,” I will be naming “Media Dimwit of the Year” and inducting persons into the “Dimwit Hall of Fame.” Check DemWit on Monday, 29 December!

Thanks! BJ


Papamoka said...

My vote goes to Phil Grahmm. Now there is a man that never saw a banking regulation he didn't think should be erased.

Tiny said...

The whinning Phil Graham, second choice is Henry Paulson. It's hard to pick among such a rotten bunch.