The holiest of days

I am aware that blog visitors are from every faith, religion and creed, but Christmas is the holiest of days for me, and I hope you will share in my joy.

I share in the joy your special days bring.

Heartfelt thanks to readers. My wish for each of you is a healthy and happy 2009!



See you Monday, 29 December. Come back then for DemWit’s year-end awards. If you have not yet voted, please see the next post.


Falzone for America said...

Have a most happy and wonderful Christmas B.J.

Carolyn has here Daughter and Grandaughter visiting her. I am going to see my Mother after a long 12 months without seeing her.

Did you see the movie "Anger Management" with Jack Nicholson as a Psychologist specializing in anger management? Jack hears his mother is going in for a operation and he goes too pieces. "MOM...WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT YOU...YOU'RE ALL I'VE GOT!!"

That's me.
Merry Christams & Happy New Year!

B.J. said...

Richard, my friend, you have just made mothers everywhere happy! LOL! I hope you and mom have a wonderful Christmas together. Look forward to hearing from you! Glad Carolyn’s family will be with her. Thanks for the wishes! Merry Christmas! Love ya, BJ

Papamoka said...

Merriest of Christmas to you my friend. Hugs and love to you and yours on this most joyous of seasons.

Always a friend... :)

B.J. said...

How wonderful it must be, Papamoka, celebrating with your houseful of daughters and now your precious little granddaughter, Hazel Marie. I pray she continues to grow stronger every day after her surgery. She is constantly in my thoughts. Won’t be long before you can play Santa again! Merry Christmas! BJ