Legacy in his own words

Out there in the blogosphere there’s a commenter I’d like to thank for this post!

This comment was left on a Think Progress article titled “White House sends memo to Cabinet officials with talking points on Bush’s successful presidency.” (LINK)

Here, then, is George W. Bush’s legacy – in his own words:

“5th Estate” Says:

From the 2002 State of the Union:

“Once we have funded our national security and our homeland security, the final great priority of my budget is economic security for the American people. (Applause.)

“To achieve these great national objectives — to win the war, protect the homeland, and revitalize our economy — our budget will run a deficit that will be small and short-term, so long as Congress restrains spending and acts in a fiscally responsible manner. (Applause.)

“We have clear priorities, and we must act at home with the same purpose and resolve we have shown overseas: we’ll prevail in the war, and we will defeat this recession. (Applause.)

“Americans who have lost their jobs need our help, and I support extending unemployment benefits and direct assistance for health care coverage. (Applause.) Yet, American workers want more than unemployment checks — they want a steady paycheck. (Applause.) When America works, America prospers, so my economic security plan can be summed up in one word: jobs. (Applause.) ”

And we all lived happily ever after!

Posted on December 9, 2008 at 10:31 am


I checked Bush’s first SOTU over at whitehouse.gov, and, sure enough, his words are recorded for posterity HERE.

Comments are the best part of a blog. Thanks, 5th Estate, for serving up this cold plate of words for Bush to eat.

Legacy, indeed!


Bill Sumrall said...

Unfortunately, Bush's real legacy will be the military pre-emptive strike launched against another nation suspected of ill-intent against America.
Since Bush was the first to cross that political line, the pre-emptive strike automatically, for good or for ill, becomes an arrow in every subsequent President's quiver, should he or she choose to use it.
And, to give the devil his due, Bush did grab that ole third rail of politics, Social Security reform, with both hands while the Democrats kept hands-off and, while his idea on allowing private investments was a non-starter, at least Bush took a real (for Republicans) whack at the problem.

Frodogotitoffhischestus said...

Frodo would like to be substantive, but for just a moment, when discussing the "legacy" of he whom Frodo has dubbed "The Incomparable Moron." Put everything else aside and simply consider the "performance" of an administration in the following bureaucratic acronyms: FEMA, SEC, and VA. Remember that more than 1000 of your fellow citizens died because of one of his "cronies" (who did a great job). Remember that more than $2Trillion of your money, boys and girls, just went away because of a former Republican Congressman from California who was a meritorious selection to that position by our fearless leader. Remember, also, the former Chairman of the RNCC who did such service to our wounded veterans at Walter Reed, and who created a benefits application backlog of more than a year.
Just let anyone tell you that anybody, in any official capacity, ever did us greater harm. The facts speak for themselves.
Frodo cannot be as generous as Mr. Sumrall and even attempt to ameliorate the times that tried the very soul of our great nation.
Frodo waits for the opportunity to someday visit the graveyard which houses this doofus, and to urinate on his tombstone.

Anonymous said...

GOGO-FRODO - I'll be not far behind you except I'll have to squat.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Lame Duck ducking flying shoes in Iraq. The title of that part of the legacy will be:
"Iraqis show a 'Big Shoe In' for Bush's illegal invasion of their country."

When Jeb gets in the White House, he can do Act III in Iraq and say:
"They tried to kill my brother."

Fact: I will never live long enough to follow the one who will have to squat. I can't even squat at this point in my life. But I may have a grandchild or great-grand who can do the honor after my ashes are tossed to the wind.

Maybe a bird will drop one for me that will blossom on his grave.

Please sing: "Crappy Trails To You" as the lone cowboy limps back to Texas?

airth10 said...

No doubt Bush will leave a negative legacy. And the chief component of that negative legacy is the culture of greed and hubris he cultivated and reinforced in America. And the incompetence of his administration will haunt America for years.

Speaking of shoes, Bush conjures in me the worst think I might find stuck to the sole of my shoe.

Falzone for America said...

I think Bush finally got a taste of what he deserved when the Iraqi threw his shoe at him. Did you notice how adept he is at ducking? He must get a lot of practice.

airth10 said...

Yes, Bush has been a great ducker and that thing that rhymes with it.

airth10 said...

Yes, Bush has been a great ducker and that thing that rhymes with it.