Tom Brokaw gets it

Kudos to Tom Brokaw for showing pseudo-journalist Joe Scarborough how an old pro does it.

On today’s edition of “Morning Joke,” MSNBC’s Scarborough was busy dissing the Clintons when Brokaw did what any good journalist would do – interject reason.

As Scarborough guffawed over his clever remarks about Bill Clinton on the campaign trail for Hillary, Brokaw in his calm voice said, “On the other hand,” and I paraphrase here, if the former president were sitting at home reading, people would claim he didn’t care about his wife’s candidacy.

Scarborough took another tack, saying Obama really got Hillary with his “Walmart remark” during the S.C. debate.

“What she should have said,” Brokaw calmly suggested (again paraphrasing) is the reason she was on the Walmart board of directors as first lady of Arkansas was that Walmart owner Sam Walton was the largest contributor to Bill Clinton’s successful overhaul of the state’s education system.

Ethical journalism. Ah, Tom, those were the days, my friend.

“I See My Dreams” today: “Dum de dum dum, driftwood!”

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Frodo said...

Frodo's comments at "Paranoia Strikes Deep, Into Your Life It Must Creep" reflect a broader reason than that offered by Mr. Brokaw. Frodo agrees whole heartedly that the former President should be an active campaigner on behalf of the candidate he feels is best. The former President has however crossed a line into impropriety--and rather than risk a flippant remark, Frodo will simply say that should Barack Obama become the Democratic Party nominee, then much of what the former President has said offers great harm to our nation. There is a distinction between campaigning "for" and acting as a surrogate against another candidate. A former President of the United States cannot cross that line.