Believe it or not!

People, people, people! How in the name of St. Swithin can you pay attention to what’s going on and still believe the reporting on Fox News? Murdoch’s minions might be “unafraid,” but there’s nothing fair or balance or, for that matter, accurate in their reporting. This business is tantamount to a state-run propaganda machine.

MSNBC, in its lust for ratings, is running a close second in this game of “news from nowhere” and “creating reality.”

CNN aired an excellent program last night, hosted by Campbell Brown, on dirty political ads.

In this new year, never has it been more important to keep yourself abreast of the news – real news.

Don’t pass around emails with unattributed and undocumented claims about any candidate.

And, bookmark and take advantage of these sites:

Factcheck.org – a genuinely non-partisan site aimed at correcting false information.

Snopes.com – dispelling Internet myths and hoaxes.

Newshounds.org – “We watch FOX so you don’t have to.”

NewsBusters.org – Exposing liberal media bias.

MediaMatters.org – Exposing right-wing media bias.

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Frodo said...

Yeah, but the Faux News girls have great legs, and Frodo keeps hoping for a Britney Spears kind of dislosure.