Shallow facade of sincerity

Right now, and this is harsh, there are two people I wouldn't spit on if they were on fire: Tim Russert and John Edwards.

Russert started Hillary's downward spiral with that debate question (the one Obama answered with the same answer), and he has been on Morning Joke ever since absolutely ga-ga over Obama. (Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with Obama; my problem is with blatant bias.) I am reminded of when he was on Imus hawking his book about his dad with syrupy anecdotes. Look what he did to Imus.

John Edwards is worth $54.7 million, and if I hear one more of his "I'm po’ folks like you" ads here in South Carolina, I am going to throw up! He made a dig at Hillary's emotional moment yesterday, then denied it was a dig on Morning Joke this morning. He knew he was lying, and they knew he was lying. As my mother used to say, "I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him."

“I See My Dreams” today: “Brave New World”


Frodo said...

One of the great tricks about oratory is knowing when to stop and wait for the applause. Going on to complete a thought, or even a sentence, doesn't usually add anything of value. For that reason, Frodo offers the following to his friend, who should know, from sad experience, that "It Ain't Over. . ."

Eowyn said...

The way I feel about Edwards, I can't even make a comment. But you made it for me. He's like the night of the living dead.

B.J. said...

Sweet Eowyn! You have no idea how much I needed that laugh!

Jan said...

Jan agrees with Frodo, "It Ain't Over..." BJ, when Jan gets as poor as Edwards, she will share with you. WAIT A MINUTE! She don't have to get that poor to share with you. With just a few big ones, she can share with you. She don't have to have that much poorness to enjoy life friends, famile and all the beauty of the world around her.

Suggestion: Invite Edwards to share some of his porness with you instead of him begging $$$$ from the rest of the population. Jan won't hold her breath waiting for the answer you get!

B.J. said...


B.J. said...


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