'Trash heap of discredited ideas'

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and former Vice President Dick Cheney might be at odds, but both are out there hawking their books and agreeing that Bush’s invasion of Iraq somehow inspired the Arab Spring.

They fail to acknowledge the obvious: the people of Iraq did not voluntarily rise up against their tinpot dictator.

Book tour constraints must have been the reason Rice and Cheney missed the October 8 report in The Washington Post headlined “Iraq, siding with Iran, sends essential aid to Syria’s Assad.”

So, the Iraqi government is so thrilled with its newfound democracy – won with U.S. blood and treasure – that it is giving both “moral and financial support” to help quell democratic uprisings elsewhere?

Finally, Rice and Cheney must have missed the advice Steven Cook of The Council on Foreign Relations offered back in July:

“It is time to put the Bush boosters’ arguments where they belong: in the trash heap of discredited ideas. There is no connection between the invasion of Iraq and Arab efforts to throw off generations of dictatorship.”

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Frodo, gone to graveyards said...

Frodo offers a few thoughts for contemplation. What if there had been no George W. Bush, no Condi Rice, no Paul Wolfowitz, no Donald Rumsfeld, and the people of Iraq were presented with the same opportunity as the people of Libya,Egypt,et al? Whatever would we do with all those boys and girls who did not die, or all those bodies not torn by explosions? What ever would we do?