Ain't no mountain high enough

“Never miss a good chance to shut up.”
- Detective Alex Cross, Cat and Mouse, James Patterson

Perhaps the most important lesson I’ve learned from years of blogging is this: you can pile up evidence mountain high, but if people don’t read it, don’t pay attention to it, don’t act on it, you believe somehow you have failed.

The same fictional detective quoted above also said, “Falling down is not a failure: not getting back up is.”

I have fallen down and gotten back up many times as a blogger. So, I am not going to consider myself a failure if I take this “good chance to shut up.”

Sincere thanks to all who have come this way and left your imprint.



Ahab said...

If you feel that this is the best decision for you, I will respect your decision. Still, I will miss your voice and input.

B.J. said...

Ahab: I remember coming to your blog for the first time via another blog and how touched I was to discover that you had DemWit on your blogroll when I had no idea you even knew of it. You were very kind to visit DemWit and drop the occasional comment, even after I explained I could not see your posts because they are in white blocks. I wish you the best. BJ

Debra said...

We will miss all the information you kept before us. Since you will not be doing all that research anymore and carefully presenting it so that we all could understand just what the heck is going on, I am sure YOU will have more time to do what makes You happy. Thanks for all the years of journalism expertise, rooting through all the mountains of lies and actually finding true facts about what is really happening.
We do appreciate your efforts even if we didn't voice it enough.
You know the old saying "you don't miss it till its gone" well that's the truth.......you take it for granted and then when it's gone-- it's gone.....But just think how many hours you will have to devote to your needs and wants....Too Bad People. Also, if you had been paid for every word your have written--You would be a Millionairess today.....
Love Ya' Always, Debra

B.J. said...

Debra: I know you have been faithful to my blogs, and your words are payment enough. I’ll stay on top of the facts, just won’t be trying to convince others of them! That will make me happy. Love you, BJ

Leslie Parsley said...

Oh my, how I hate to hear this. At the same time, I realize how difficult and time consuming it is for you. I'm also sure it was a difficult decision to make and didn't come without a lot of soul searching. Your blogs are always enlightening and often challenging and thought provoking, so it will be a loss to your faithful followers, who probably number far more than the comments might suggest. I refuse to drop you from my blog roll just in case you have a change of heart.

Frodo, on the lonely road said...

What galls Frodo is that now the only voice one hears from South Carolina is the insipid programmed telephonic message decreed by the witless Governor. Disappointed he is that he was unable to stimulate DemWit to attack with flags afurl.

B.J. said...

Leslie: I am always amazed that, knowing how active you are and what effort and research you put into “Parsley’s Pics,” you always had time to drop by here and leave significant comments. You’re the best! BJ

Frodo: Hobbit, what can I say? You’ve been around for “Vocal Yokels,” “I See My Dreams” and “DemWit.” Most notably you are the one who let me fall out of your Jaguar and onto my butt. Priceless. See you and Sam, Mick, the Wonder Dog, Mr. Beau Neau, et al at “Frodo, Keeper of the Ring.” “Merry of the Fellowship” aka BJ

Bill Sumrall said...

Thanks for your thoughtful analysis of current political trends and news events.
If I may use a "lost quotation" I've come across, your blog has been much like this:
"I am the lighthouse keeper
and it give me much delight
to see that the light
in the house shines bright...
ships in the harbour
stay safe at night."

B.J. said...

Bill: Like the email, love the poem. Thank you for those early morning proofreads when everything got blurry for me – mind included. Love you, BJ

Nance said...

I recently made some changes to my blog and hoped you'd be able to read it. I really think we need your voice in SC through this election and I'm sorry to lose it. If you reconsider, I'll cheer!

B.J. said...

Nance: I will check out your blog and hope I’m able to see it now. One of the nicest things that happened to me while blogging was reading the following words on your “Mature Landscaping” site:

“I turn to three of the most reliable and articulate voices in blogland (who, incidentally, speak Southern to me) to straighten me out when the political spin has confounded me.”

THEN, discovereing that DemWit was one of the three!!! And to be put up there with Leslie and Sheria, too. Nice.

Best o’ blogging to you! BJ

Ls angels said...

It's your decesion..it's your choice.. nevertheless, alwaya there is a chance to come back. And this come back can become a very great event.. I think u must find new source of inspiration..