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Christopher A. Sims of Princeton, awarded the Nobel Prize in economic science yesterday, will split the $1.49 million prize with co-honoree Thomas J. Sargent of New York University.

“Asked how he would invest his share of the winnings, Sims said he would keep it in cash while he considers what to do with it,” CNN.com reports.

Is it a tocsin when a Nobel laureate in economics says he’s going to “keep it in cash” for a while?

Just asking.

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Nance said...

Today, 2-yr. Treasury Bills are .25 %. You can get about 1.33 % on a two-year CD. Have you noticed a proliferation of ads for financial advisers and "wealth management" lately in the media? I can't fathom the marketing thinking there; all I see is the irony.

I am very interested in reading a dumbed-down version of that economic theory.