Attitude Adjustment

All his rowdy friends have settled down, but Hank Williams, Jr., is still a loose cannon. (I saw him on stage in concert smashing expensive guitars against expensive sound equipment.)

I love Hank, Jr.’s music, though, for the same reason ESPN has featurd his open to “Monday Night Football:” he brings out the shitkicker in his audience.

By now, I’m sure the blogosphere is ablaze with Williams’ comparison of President Barack Obama to Hitler while likening his Republican golf opponents to Benjamin Netanyahu. (LINK)

In a statement after ESPN canned him, Williams said,“Every time the media brings up the tea party, it's painted as racist and extremists. but there's never a backlash, no outrage to those comparisons ... Working-class people are hurting, and it doesn't seem like anybody cares.”

Well now, Hank, that’s where you’re wrong. The Democratic Party cares about working-class Americans, but every effort in their behalf is shot down by Republicans. The GOP seeks to overturn decades of struggles to help the so-called common folk.

And therein lies one of the biggest mysteries witnessed by this longtime political observer: I simply do not understand how the Republican Party – the champion of big money and big business – has convinced the working poor and the middle class it’s on their side.

I am learning, though, that many WASPs - white Anglo-Saxon protestants - simply see themselves as the only true Americans, which, of course, excludes everyone else, including our president.

Hank, these people you care about so much: nothing short of an epiphany will remove their blinders to the fact they’ve been suckered.

What is needed is an “Attitude Adjustment.”


Rubye Jack said...

This brings to mind that line of Matt Damon's in "The Good Shepherd", “We’ve (wasps) got the United States of America… Everyone else is just visiting.”

The Tea Party people only look at the face value of things and believe what they are told because the Republicans address their fears. These people are Williams' fans and so he acts stupid to please them.

bbj said...

BJ, you wrote: "I simply do not understand how the Republican Party – the champion of big money and big business – has convinced the working poor and the middle class it’s on their side."

From my experience, one word: RACISM.

But Rubye also nailed it with another: FEAR.

Those folks cannot see beyond their noses. They're afraid to.

Tiny in the Amen Corner said...

Tiny has to say a big AMEN! to BJ, Rubye Jack and BBJ.

There's plenty of room in the Amen Corner. Come on in if you are so inclined.

Great post, BJ. Tiny's gettin' her shitkickin' boots on.

B.J. said...

Thanks, gals. Racism, fear, a sense of superiority and total denial that a world exists beyond their own narrow-mindedness. That, bbj, has been my personal experience. This coutry is in a world of hurt, and we just don’t have time for such ideological idiocy.

Here’s a question I’ve asked myself lately: why do Republicans love to hate? They love to hate African-Americans, Hispanics, undocumented immigrans, gays, liberals, the “liberal media elite,” Jews and/or Muslims, President Obama and on an on. Oh, yeah, that sense of superiority.

Tiny, I’m betting some folks don’t know what a “shitkicker” is, and isn’t that sad? You know ‘em when you see ‘em. When Mick Jagger came onstage at the “Steel Wheels” concert at Clemson University and yelled, “Helloooo, Cleeeemson!’ I said to myself, “Now, there’s a shitkicker.” An author friend signed his book to me, “Fo my shitkickin’ Southern friend.” What a compliment!