A woman scorned

Forbes has released its annual list of “The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women” and coming in at No. 19 is Georgina Rinehart, described as “the richest woman in Australia - and said to be on track as the richest person in the world in 2012."

So, how does Ms. Rinehart count her blessings?

According to Forbes, she is using her wealth “to campaign against national environmental reforms and taxes.”

Am I reading that right? If so, Ms. Rinehart, a mining tycoon and heiress worth $10 billion, might just epitomize greed.

She has an American counterpart.

In a town hall meeting in Charleston, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley popped in as a surprise guest to throw Michele Bachmann a softball question about the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

Bachmann, No. 22 on Forbes’ list, replied:

"If the NLRB would also be continuing their current stance, they may not last very long. Once they see what I do to the EPA they may shape up,"

So, what would this GOP presidential hopeful do to the Environmental Protection Agency – whose sole purpose is, well, to protect the environment?

“Lock the doors and shut off all the lights.”

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and apparently Mother Nature is no exception. Talk about a powerful woman.


Jerry Critter said...

Obviously greed in not solely a male trait.

Frodo, Amen for open primaries, said...

It was in the nation of Chile' where two young men on a motorcycle, circumventing the continent itself, happened upon a community of miners. Nearly all of the miners had fatal diseases, insufficient medical care, and all the symptoms of the "company town" so familiar to those of us raised in Appalachia. It was their first experience with people abused by the chemical and mining interests which dominated the marketplace. It was not their last.

One of those young men was named Che Guevara.

Problems, it seems, are often the product of our own stupidity. Run Michelle run, win that nomination!

Leslie Parsley said...

Michele isn't the only Republican who wants to hamstring the EPA or dismantle it altogether. She's already a has-been in my book. The trouble is that Rick Perry, or whoever gets the nod, will most likely share her philosophy. This is why it is so important for Independents and Liberals to come together and fight in unity against these people.

Tiny said...

No one can stop Mother Nature when she kicks into high gear! She will shut off the lights and tear down doors! And no amount of money and greed will be safe when and where she unleashes her fury.

That forever question is still blowing in the wind: "Will they ever learn?"

Some folks send around the quote: "There's no cure for stupidity."

Tiny believes education is the cure for stupidity. She also knows people have to want the cure in order to get it. Unfortunately, a segment of population doesn't want the cure. They are most happy with their particular malady.

Jerry Critter said...

And the republicans are doing their best to see that people don't get the cure.

B.J. said...

The Solid South is a Republican bloc. To the south of the Solid South lies the Gulf of Mexico. Don’t these people remember “Deepwater Horizon”?

For six years, the Bush administration and a Republican-controlled Congress overturned many of the standards set to protect our air, water and natural resources. Bachmann (and, yes, most Republicans) want to take that a drastic step farther.

They do not for one minute consider job creation in the development of alternative, renewable energy; restored infrastructure; and the value of education to research and development. They have thwarted President Obama’s 2011 State of the Union goals at every turn.

On the one hand, they claim concern for American workers, while on the other, they support companies who want to move their operations to right-to-work states. They tout job creation without mentioning the jobs lost at the companies’ original locations.

Is it jobs for Americans they really want or just a few more billionaires pumping money into their campaigns? Now that’s a softball question!

Leslie Parsley said...

Republicans say and do what they've always done - say one thing and do, or not do, another. For whatever reasons, people can't seem to connect the dots and keep voting for them.

After the BP oil spill, fishermen along the coast objected to tighter restrictions because it would have a negative impact on jobs - not realizing that another such accident could wipe out their industry altogether.

The same analogy can be made for those who live in Appalachia and depend on mining for their livelihood. Once there are no more mountain tops to destroy, there will be no jobs anyway - to say nothing about the negative impact on their health.

In both cases, they will still vote for the Republicans.

B.J. said...

Leslie: It all goes back to Lee Atwater’s “Southern Strategy:” make the working poor and the middle class of the South vote for the Party of Big Business and Millionaires by claiming to be the Party of God, Mom, Apple Pie and Our Foudnig Fathers. Paint the vilest picture possible of the liberal American. Equate the educated and the trusted media with “The Elite.”

Lee, who died from a brain tumor in his 30s, openly asked forgiveness for his deceptive tactics, never knowing that Rush Limbaugh and Fox News would run with his strategy. It sure has worked, hasn’t it? And that is why the very people Democratic policies would help the most vote Republican.