A few apt adjectives

“He counts votes before he chooses what to eat for breakfast. He’s a two-faced, cutthroat, dirt-dumb, chicken shit, slimy, little bastard with a bright future in politics.”

That’s a defense attorney, desperately trying to save an innocent man from lethal injection, describing the governor of Texas in John Grisham’s “The Confession.”

Copyright 2010.

Might be fiction, but that sounds about right to me.


Seriously, folks. The last thing this country needs right now is another evangelical cowboy riding out of Texas with eyes on the White House.

DemWit calls your attention to some pretty slick investments as Rick Perry supporters in Texas turn thousands of dollars in campaign contributions into millions reaped from Texas’ coffers.

And, oh, those lucrative appointments.

Don’t miss “Perry Mines Texas System to Raise Cash for Campaigns,” Nicholas Confessore and Michael Luo, The New York Times, 20 August 2011.

Mr. Perry, there’s a passage in the New Testament where Jesus exhibits the very human emotion of anger. This is just the sort of thing to tick off the Master you so publicly – and hypocritically – claim to love.


Leslie Parsley said...

lol. I'm not a huge Grisham fan but this quote couldn't be more fitting. Hyper-religiosity has been associated with mental illness and is this ever more applicable in the case of this deranged kook!!! Great find, BJ.

B.J. said...

Just FYI from Gallup today (8/22/11):

"Barack Obama is closely matched against four leading GOP candidates in prospective presidential election trial heats. Mitt Romney edges Obama by two percentage points among registered voters. Rick Perry and Obama are tied, but Obama has a slight lead over Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann."

Nance said...

I haven't read Grisham since the excellent "A Painted House," but I'm seeking this one out at the bookstore on the basis of that quote.

I call Perry "WII." I'm thinking I should square that.

B.J. said...

Nance: “The Confession” also has a brief but delicious dig at Fox News. A good story but disturbing, because you know there’s truth in it. BJ P.S. “A Painted House” was wonderful as was “Playing for Pizza” – both outside his legal thriller genre.

Leslie Parsley said...

I read several of his books years ago but, while I liked the stories themselves, I remember not being overly impressed with his writing and feeling that he was writing for the movies. But that was then and a lot could be due to my mood at the time. I will take another look but I don't guarantee I'll change my mind. It's not unusual for me to return three out of four books to the library without having read beyond the third page - glowing reviews to the contrary.

B.J. said...

Leslie: That’s why God made chocolate and vanilla. Try “A Painted House” and enjoy the story of the sh*t snake. BJ

Octopus said...

Read my lips: No new Texans!