Oops, there goes another lie, kerplunk!

”Taxes: Myths, Lies and Deception.” That’s the intriguing title of The Progress Report, Center for American Progress, for Tax Day, 18 April 2011. I’ll summarize it for DemWit readers:

MYTH #1: Americans are unhappy paying taxes (as the Tea Party Movement would have us believe). A number of recent polls, including the Associated Press, Fox News and Gallup, show the majority of Americans say their taxes are "fair" and understand they pay for vital government programs and projects. The Fox News poll shows 43 percent say taxes are "unfair," while the majority say they are fair.

MYTH #2: The working poor don't pay taxes. Well, yes, they do. They pay payroll taxes just like everyone. And on the state and local levels, they pay a higher percentage of taxes than the rich. In Alabama, the working poor pay 11 percent in taxes. while the rich pay only 4 percent.

MYTH #3: Obama has raised taxes. Not true. "Federal income taxes under Obama are the lowest they have been since 1950."



For Part 1 of this lies v. truth thing, see Demwit's previous post.


tnlib said...

I wonder why they lie. I wonder even more why people believe them. And just as I wonder out loud it comes to me. Republicans, these days anyway, are just plain evil. Those who believe them are just plain stupid.

Tiny...quick on the draw said...

Tiny has to point out that observation of today's Republicans proposals and votes in congress prove that Marx was correct when the article stated:

"Marx considered wealth creation to result solely from the labor of the masses, and viewed the owners of capital and the economic elite to be parasites feeding off that labor."

This statement merely jumed off the page for Tiny. Can't find one thing to argue against in that statement! What say ye?

B.J. said...

tnlib: Apparently, they lie because they have nothing better to offer. You specifically refer to the GOP “these days,” and I believe the Republican base has no idea what their party is morphing into. It wouldn’t be the first time in history that people ignored the obvious. (See “Ayn Rand and the Republicans” at the top of DemWit’s sidebar.)

Tiny: It’s like the riddle, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” While there is some merit in Marx’s statement, Marxist communism failed as an economic system. IMO, like the chicken and the egg, the owners of capital and the forces of labor need each other to exist.

Frodo, helpin' pay the bills, said...

Frodo is an avowed capitalist. He also believes that a fixation on taxation is a reflection of greed as opposed to value. Paying taxes is the price one pays for the liberties provided by and in our system of government. Frodo truly doesn't care about tax rates and schedules, he thrives instead on the ability to make a desired level of income. Achieving that may be more difficult at some times than it is in others, but that is business--nobody said it was going to be easy. Difficult times include those periods when taxes have to be raised. Like now.