Foaming at the mouth

“The Don” must be eating his “Success by Trump” bubble bath, because the man seems to be foaming at the mouth these days, quite literally running himself into the ground.

Ticked off over Karl Rove’s criticism of his “birther” obsession, Trump lambasted the former Bush strategist on Fox News last night.

CNN’s “Political Ticker” quotes the presidential-waters tester:

"Karl Rove has a loser issue...[he] is the man that ran Bush into the ground. Bush finished so weak that we ended up getting Obama. He ran the man into the ground.

"The more I see about Karl Rove, the more I realize: maybe it wasn't completely Bush's fault,The fact is that Abraham Lincoln couldn't have beaten Obama because Bush finished so weakly, so I don't want to listen to Karl Rove."

With vivid memories of the smirk on Rove’s face as he dodged reporters’ questions about Valerie Plame Wilson, I am no fan of Bush’s so-called “Architect,” but it’s hardly fair to blame him for the obvious.

A Gallup poll yesterday reported Trump is the favorite presidential hopeful among “liberal Republicans.” Liberal Republicans could hold a convention in a phone booth, so let’s hope these numbers don’t go to Trump’s coifed head.

It’s almost a letdown that we won’t be seeing a Trump-Obama debate. I’d pay good money for that. I suspect Karl Rove would, too.


Bill Sumrall said...

It recently occurred to me that the whole "birther" argument is payback by hard-right Republicans for the drawn-out debate over whether Bush was actually elected President (too long drawn out, to be fair, by hard-left Democrats), so the cause célèbre is politic-based, not fact-based, from the get-go.
As far as Trump goes, the latest Doonesbury comic strips have his number, IMHO.

Jerry Critter said...

The "drawn-out debate over whether Bush was actually elected President" was too long. We all know he was appointed president by the Supreme Court, not elected by the people.

Tiny said...

With that wild animal on top of his head, Tiny is more inclined to believe he needs another distemper shot.

She also agrees with Jerry Critter about Dubya being appointed by Pappy Bush's Supreme Court.

B.J. said...

Let’s don’t rehash Bush v. Gore. Legal lights Vincent Bugliosi and Alan Deshowitz presented very fine arguments in their books about what transpired. I would just say that the silly “birther” business in no way compares to the momentous High Court decision and the path it put this country on. Totally apples and oranges!

Why can’t we just admit that the fringe element (and that’s what it is) ridiculously ignoing the proof of Obama’s citizenship are just pissed off that there’s a black man in the White House?

Yes, it’s easy to blame racism, but it’s out there. A friend shared an email in which the sender referred to Obama as “your president from Africa.”

If one thing “trumps” racism in this country, it’s blatant ignorance.

As for Trump and the other so-called GOP “hopefuls,” a USA Today/Gallup poll two days ago showed the majority of Republicans and Pepublican-leaning Independents are unhappy with the whole lot.