A simple reminder

Across the political spectrum – from the far left to the far right – there’s a lot of unhappiness in the United States of America over how things are going.

From the depths of tragedy come these simple words of faith from Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan:

“If the nation works together, we will overcome.”

A simple reminder.


tnlib said...

I like that. Sadly, I'm not sure anyone will hear because eveyone is shouting.

Tiny said...

Tiny believes all nations have to work together and will overcome. Saw one headline where it's believed as many as 10,000 dead due to the tsunami. We need to keep level heads and positive thoughts and attitudes. Would that all people join in that.

Jerry Critter said...

That quote is right on. Working together is the very thing that republicans are working very hard to prevent. They divide in an attempt to conquer rather than bring together for everyone's benefit.