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Casting call! Frodo, Keeper of the Ring, has a movie for you:

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It matters not that the guy spells his name with a G, a K, or a Q, especially when he can best be identified by his lookalike cartoon character "Goofy." He proved that beyond all doubt Thursday evening when he sent one of his sons to cajole Anderson Cooper with definitive proof that "al Qaeda was smuggling hallucinogenics into Libya and putting them into the Nescafe of the young people" (or words to that effect).

The discussion took place in front of a truck full of packaged medication (which was probably the same vehicle exposed by Colin Powell to prove the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq). Goofy's son was there to introduce the capsules into evidence for all the world to see. Unfortunately, the pills turned out to be a mild painkiller, as opposed to something cooked up in the hills of East Tennessee. Rather than producing psychedelic results, this medication warns the patient that residual effects may include only headaches, or constipation.

Perhaps that says much, much more than even the wordy Frodo can proffer.

Frodo ends his commentary this eve with a suggestion for the casting of the movie which is bound to hit the malls of America before this volatile year concludes. Who other better to star in "Moamar, The Movie," than Charlie Sheen? Frodo would watch those Oscars (and that is really news).


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Ahab said...

Goofy? Nah, Qaddafi looks more like a Mel Brooks wax figure that was left out in the hot sun.

By the way, are you familiar with the Zenga Zenga remix? An Israeli DJ named Noy Alooshe took one of Qaddafi's rants and set it to a techno beat. It's actually very danceable!