Rove's resolutions

Karl Rove, who has done so well in his personal affairs, holds forth in his Wall Street Journal column with New Year’s resolutions for President Obama, Vice President Biden and others in the current administration.

Just thought I’d pass them along to inspire you, dear reader, to resolve today to fight even harder in 2010 and the decade beyond.


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Infidel753 said...

Karl Rove? The strategic political genius who shepherded the Republican party from its commanding position in Congress and the Presidency to its present status as an on-the-outs playpen for crackpots? Who is asking for his advice, exactly?

It'll be surprising if Republicans don't win at least a few seats this year -- the out party normally does -- but voters will be judging Democrats mostly on whether unemployment has improved. We've got ten months. The jobs should have come back by then.