Southern stocking stuffer

Here’s the perfect gift for book lovers with an interest in or curiosity about life in the South. Two things make this little book very special: it’s just $12 and one of its contributing writers is a friend to many DemWit readers, Clara Roberts, who comments here as “Tiny.”

“Southern Side Up” is a collection of short stories written by the Panhandle Writers Group of Florida.

The Santa Rosa Press-Gazette has this to say about what you will find in the book’s 194 pages:

“Readers will not be disappointed as they lose themselves in stories as short as 500 words to longer stories of intrigue, mystery or love. Touching and often funny memoirs give readers a glimpse into the lives of some of the authors. In between, you will find poetry and a delightful story you can read to your children or grandchildren about a talking dog who rode out a hurricane and became a hero.”

A special section contains 100-word stories about everyone’s favorite subject this time of year, food, and each writer includes a favorite recipe.

Clara is a charter member of the Panhandle Writers Group which now has more than 60 members and associates. In addition to several books, the group has produced four plays with another in the works.

Proceeds have gone to projects which brighten lives. One year the group set up a little “shop” at one school where children could select free gifts to give their parents and siblings. Backpacks have been filled with toiletries and snacks, with one novel in each, and distributed to the homeless.

Readers can purchase this gift that keeps on giving at the book’s Web site HERE.

The book, along with its table of contents, is also available on Amazon.com HERE.


Look for Clara’s stories: “Eulogy to Mr. Premio,” “Remodeling,” “A Socking Story” and “How to Survive a Recession.”


Moobear said...

I have never been a book reader. I cannot concentrate, but I do think I would enjoy this book. Good writing BJ, thanks much.

Frodo, quotin' Wimpy, said...

Can Frodo arrange for an autographed copy? He will gladly pay you Tuesday.

Sue said...

OH how special is this! I haven't had the time to read lately either but might give this book a try!

Tiny said...

Since a book signing is taking place on Saturday evening of 12 December, Tiny will arrange for Frodo to have autographed copy by all authors present.

Thanks you BJ for supporting our writers group by posting us on your blog. We enjoy what we do and hope our readers and attendees at our plays enjoy our creations.

We love you and appreciate all that you do.

Tiny said...

Hi Claudia and Sue, Tiny hopes you will enjoy reading the book. Twenty-one authors have contributed to the contents of this book.

We enjoy our meetings, critiques of each others writings,and the being together. Hope you will find creations that will give you a chuckle or two, like Mee-Maw Skaggs who keeps us in stitches when Tamara reads her creations of Mee-Maw.

We would enjoy hearing from our readers. Always like feedback that helps us to hone our skills. Thank you for considering our book.