Reforming a corporate Scrooge

Not all college students are frat boys and jocks throwing keg parties. Comes a story of campus activists - downright Dickensian in its inspiration - to kick off the holiday season.

Thanks to DemWit readers Falzone for America and Katherine for sharing this tale of what a group of American youth did to change the corporate mindset and in the process change lives.

Our story begins:

“When we think of heartwarming tales, they tend to be of the sort like ‘Miracle on 34th Street,’ where little Susan Walker gets the house she wanted for Christmas after all, or ‘It's a Wonderful Life,’ where George Bailey's neighbors and customers put self-interest aside to save his bank. Those are yummy treats of magical doings and brotherly compassion that the season inspires. But in real life happy endings don't often come so easily or tidily.

“I'm about to share one of the most cockle-warming stories of the year, even though its happy conclusion was a long, tough slog and about a decade in the making.”

Read this modern-day version of “A Christmas Carol:”

“Corporate Scrooge Has Change of Heart,” Robyn Blumner, The Salt Lake Tribune, 29 November 2009.


Do you hear the ringing of a bell? Either an angel is getting wings, or Frodo and the Men of Gondor are collecting Christmas kettle contributions for the Salvation Army.

Or, maybe it’s a church bell in a small Honduran town.


Jerry Critter said...

While this is a heart-warming story with a happy ending for the workers, I doubt that Russell Athletic has really had a change of heart -- at least at the top corporate level. As usual, it is all about MONEY. It was cheaper for them to accept the union, than take the hit in the pocket book due to loss customers.

Believe me, if they can figure out another way to reduce their worker costs without losing business, they will jump on it...and give the person who figures it out a BIG bonus.

Leslie Parsley said...

JC: Bad PR can be very costly.

A nice story, especially in light of all the not so positive news we've been getting recently.

Frodo, ho ho ho, said...

Thank you for the reminder about Frodo and his band of merry men ringing the bell for the Salvation Army next Saturday at a Wal-Mart near you.
Just tell 'em Frodo sent you!

Jerry Critter said...

Fordo, I will look here for you.

Jerry Critter said...

Whoops, I mean Frodo!

Leslie Parsley said...

BJ: I visit your blog several times a day to be sure I don't miss anything. : )

B.J. said...

Me, too, Leslie, me, too!

JC: I’ve been corresponding with the Hobbit for years and every time I type his name it comes out Fordo, and I have to correct it. Why is that?

BTW, in what my son Ladd would call a “brainfart” I jumped from “A Christmas Carol” to “It’s a Wonderful Life” at the end of the post. Surprised I didn’t say “You’ll put your eye out.” LOL.

At the Salvation Army kettle, Frodo will be the one with the furry feet.


Tiny said...

Tiny is thrilled to see the good news reported on your blog. Doing positive things does make a difference and lots of kudos to our college kids.

Blessings to Frodo for making the bell ring for his fellow human beings. Tiny is sure he's earning his wings, if he hasn't already. Oh, Tiny just heard a bell ring!

Tiny is going to sign off and write a Christmas story. At a book signing tonight she was reminded of a Christmas event that she must put on paper. She loves all of the beautiful decorations displayed this time of year.

More liquid sunshine and cold heading toward a freeze in the Sunshine state tonight. Brrrrrr!

Frodo, dance a little dance, said...

Jerry Critter, Haw!

Frodo was totally unaware of that web location. Be assured he will be OUTSIDE the Wal-Mart ringing the bell.

B.J. said...

Hope everyone read the article (I love David v. Goliath stories), and be ready to burn your Fruit of the Looms if the corporation reneges.


Frodo, "two if by sea", said...

Frodo to Tiny--when you read this, please call BJ. She is trying to contact you, and is having major communication problems. Her telephone works.

tiny said...

Frodo, Tiny thanks you for your message. I regret that I am just now finding it and will call tomorrow. BJ may be asleep at this hour and I don't want to awaken her. My gratitude to you for sending me the message.