Lou Dobbs' higher calling

At one time or the other, Lou Dobbs, who joined CNN at its inception in 1980, has met every criteria of DemWit’s description to your left.

Dobbs became a respected journalist anchoring CNN’s “Moneyline.” His reporting on the 1987 stock market crash earned him the George Foster Peabody Award for excellence in broadcasting, the venue’s most prestigious honor. He won an Emmy for life achievement in 2005.

Morphing into an advocacy journalist, Dobbs became rabid in his reporting on certain issues. Night after night after night, he became more obsessive and egocentric. You could tune in any night and within one minute you heard the terms “broken borders” and “illegal immigrants.”

Ignoring major polls, Dobbs cited only those which backed his manic convictions.

Then, he joined the far-right’s “birther” movement, demanding that President Obama produce a "legitimate" birth certificate to prove his U.S. citizenship.

Both he and CNN have stated his departure last night from the cable network's nightly lineup was “amicable,” but it’s common knowledge that he has brought controversy to the network in recent years.

Anyone who quoted Lou Dobss to me was met with a pat answer: “Lou Dobbs is an idiot!”

In words similar to those of Sarah Palin, Dobbs sees before him some grandiose mission:

"Over the past six months, it has become increasingly clear that strong winds of change have begun buffeting this country and affecting all of us, and some leaders in media, politics and business have been urging me to go beyond the role here at CNN and to engage in constructive problem-solving as well as to contribute positively to a better understanding of the great issues of our day and to continue to do so in the most honest and direct language possible."

Problem-solving and honesty from a man who believes the president of the United States is an illegal immigrant?

Keep an eye on these wingnuts who are leaving their high-paying and prestigious positions to embrace a higher calling.

Read comments by Dobbs and CNN President Jonathan Klein HERE.

UPDATE: Media Matters for America's home page has full coverage of Lou Dobbs' departure from CNN, including "What Really Happened."


airth10 said...

I met a person who worked for Dobbs when he left CNN to start up his own news network on the Internet, or something like that. She didn't have much nice to say about him and his ego.

His venture on the Internet was a big flop. Then he returned to CNN.

He is more than an idiot. He is an a***hole.

tiny said...

Somewhere along the way, Lou went off the deep end when the pool was empty. He used to be a reasonable voice for the people. Then he caught the O'Rielly-Beck-Rush-Hannity disease and thus far no cure for it.

Airth10, that's when Dobbs got promoted from being an a$$ hole to being a whole a$$.

Even the Tea Baggers have split into two Tea Bagging parties now. Bet ya didn't know they had the balls to do that. But boys and girls, that's how it is in the land of political propaganda these days.

Frodo, available at 7 PM, said...

Frodo does not decry he who ethically takes advantage of circumstance. There is nothing wrong with a quarterback throwing a pass in the vicinity of a defensive back replacing an injured starter, for example. However, when polls reflect changes in public, hence voter, opinion based on misleading and invalid statements reflecting greed and lust for power, then we have a problem with Lou Dobbs.

bbj said...

Great comments BJ, airth, tiny and frodo. Good riddance . . . but what's up Lou's sleeve now?

tiny said...

Lou met his waterloo!

airth10 said...

"Lou met his waterloo!"


I think Lou is also in the loo (toilet).

Frodo, needin' a helpin' hand, said...

Frodo has a query. Today, while meeting with the Men of Gondor, one of the more reactionary of the group alleged that "the reason" Dobbs was leaving CNN was because of the threats and the "bullets" which were fired at his house several days ago. Frodo, truthfully, was dumbstruck, and responded that he had heard nothing of such events. His companion, much to Frodo's chagrin, responded that since Frodo only listened to the "liberal media," he would not unexpectedly be ignorant of the truth. Is anyone out there in radio land able to add fact to the allegation (as opposed to the allegator)?

B.J. said...


The gunshot incident occurred on 5 October and was not reported by cnn.com until 29 October. I read the article at the time. The bullet hit the siding of the house at attic level and did not pierce the siding before it fell to the ground. At the time, I concluded it was probably a long-range, stray bullet. The incident didn’t get much media attention.

Dobbs’ wife and driver were in the front yard when the incident occurred, and it was easy to conclude they were not in anyone’s sights.

Dobbs talked about the incident on his radio show, turning it into “a battle for the soul of this country.”

It is not surprising that your conservative friend and his ilk would seize upon this incident as the WHY of Dobb’s exit from CNN. Go to the home page of mediamatters.org for “reasons.” Dobbs racist and “birther” stances had become an embarrassment to CNN. When he speaks of a “battle for the soul of this country,” what do you think he’s talking about?

I agree with a friend who says there are a lot of WASP good ole boys who cannot stand the idea that we have an African-American president.

Read the CNN article.


tiny said...

Tiny must remind BJ that President Obama is African-Caucasian-American.

In her younger days, Tiny would get darker than Obama from being in the sun all day, everyday. But the color of skin doesn't change who a person is on the inside.

Arth10, your insight of "Lou in the loo" is accepted. For sure, his potty mouth bears witness to that fact. Maybe he's practicing to be a presidential running mate with Sarah Palin.

Frodo is on target, "we have a problem with Lou Dobbs."

Also, Lou may have been spittin' his own bullets against his house to see if any of them would stick! Mentally challenged people are known to do things like that.