Rain check

Noah’s Ark (AP) After 40 days and 40 nights of rain, the blogger known as DemWit cannot access the Internet due to static on her dial-up connection. Author BJ says she will send an olive leaf when AT&T corrects the problem. Check back, please!


Tiny said...

Tiny understands. Noah doesn't answer his cell phone either and that gets to be frustrating also.

Here's hoping you find an olive branch soon. May have to get a tug boat to bring one in!

Ranch Chimp said...

Dont worry ... I just talked to God about all the rain all over.He said he was still pissed from all those teabagger's raising Hell. He will cut some slack soon though. :)

Complaint Department Manager said...

If I didn't know any better, I'd swear you lived in Missouri...or was that Misery?

Ranch Chimp - I spoke with God as well, he said you misunderstood what was said. It was mentioned that God is angry due to the fact that room had to be made in Hell BECAUSE of the teabaggers. Lucifer has bitched non-stop.

Tiny said...

CDM, you are right about Lucifer bitching non-stop. Tiny has received countless emails with all that bitching, fearmongering, hate and the whole nine yards. And she has had some choice words for him and his minions. He loves it when they claim to be Christians but do his dirty work for him. He just rares back and roars with laughter. Said he has made a special place for them and has their names engraved on shovels for them to shovel not-so-clean coal to keep that furnace fired up with blasting heat 24/7.