The problem with blogging

Feeling inadequate to convey one’s deepest convictions is a systemic malady of the political blogger.

The realist in me is so often drawn to the lesson in Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War:” “Know your enemy.”

I wish it were not so.

As President Barack Obama embarks on a Middle East mission of extending an olive branch, he himself has said there are “big misapprehensions about the Muslim world.”

Indeed, those with scant knowledge of Islam fail to distinguish the religion from the fundamentalism of “Islamic Jihad.”

A few days ago a friend sent me a forwarded email – an example of radical-right propaganda being circulated in advance of Obama’s trip. Her efforts to inform the sender of the email’s falsehoods were met with a sincere defense of the email’s “truth.”

An amalgam of mystical Muslim and Obama dates, the email claimed proof that 1) Islam is evil and 2) Obama is a Muslim out to destroy America.

How does one begin to address such claims in the confines of a blog post?


What I really wanted to convey to readers today brings further feelings of inadequacy.

Do I really have to explain to faithful readers how I feel about former Vice President Dick Cheney?

I caught a C-SPAN rerun of Cheney’s appearance June 1 at the National Press Club luncheon in Washington, D.C. The superlative nature of his performance sent me searching for a transcript. This was Cheney most evil, Cheney at his smarmiest.

A written or visual record of his performance is available only to Press Club subscribers. A written transcript could never convey his sense of superiority as Cheney chuckled at each tough question from the moderator.

9/11. Weapons of mass destruction. Claims of a Saddam-al Qaeda connection. The invasion of Iraq. Torture. Each question met with a sneer and a chuckle. “He thinks this is funny,” I said out loud, never more convinced of how very dangerous this man is.

As to the fight against international terrorists, Cheney said, “Obama doesn’t have a clue.”

I wish I had access to direct quotes as this man laid claim to the best administration this country has ever had, to saving lives, to an omniscIent vision for America’s future.

And, always the fearmongering.

Chilling that he believes he’s right.

In a phalanx of media appearances, Cheney, who left office with an abysmal approval rating, has become the spokespersonn of the radical right of his party – a position that demands our attention.

And, maybe a second reading of Sun Tzu.


B.J. said...

FYI: Gallup Poll released this morning:

Eight in 10 Americans believe people in Muslim countries have an unfavorable view of the U.S.; only 13% say such attitudes are positive. Americans’ own views of Muslim countries are also more negative than positive, though to a lesser degree. Both perceptions are little changed since 2002.

Frodo's Inquisition said...

Two points: 1). Dick Cheney is yesterday's news. Somehow we managed, at least most of us, to get through the eight years of the only Presidential Administration to have done damage to our country. Our task is to sweep up the mess, and to bury it in the back yard. 2). The more fundamental, the more evangelical, the more literal, the more conservative that any religion becomes, the greater is the likelihood of violence. Our task is not to tolerate the excesses, but to marginalize them. That is only accomplished by attacking with facts, and with the firm hand of the law. Frodo understands there is one whole prison standing empty in Montana right now; what a great place to inter-mix the "jihadists" and the "Pro Life" terrorists. Wouldn't that be fun to watch?

Tiny said...

Tiny seconds the motion Frodo made.
Can we see a show of hand of all in favor? Tiny says 'aye.'

And their followers can be their cooks, chamber maids and males, laundry workers etc. Can we see another show of hands? Tiny says 'aye' again.

bja/Nebraska said...

You have no business feeling inadequate at all. You reach a huge amnount of people and make them all THINK! Great job and add another AYE for me.

airth10 said...

BJ, So you think you don't know your enemy Dick Cheney?

Well, I think you do. The chief problem for most of us is that he wont go or fade away like he should.

Cheney is bitter, especially at George Bush, who has had at least the sense and protocol not to criticize Obama.

By acting the way he is I think Cheney thinks that the Bush administration was really his.

On another level, in his outbursts Cheney is acting as the leader of the opposition, like occurs in a parliamentary system, such as in Britain and Canada. Winston Churchill acted very much the same way in opposition, hounding the government in power. Cheney's behavior could be the first indication that American politics is moving in that direction.

B.J. said...

“BJ, So you think you don't know your enemy Dick Cheney?”

No, no, no, Airth! That's not what I said. I spend a lot of time getting to know my “enemy.” My frustration for some time now lies in the fact that so many refuse to pay attention to what the “enemy” …

Wait a minute. That’s my post for tomorrow.

Stay tuned. BJ

Falzone for America and Trotter said...

You're anything but inadequate BJ. IMHO you should be able to get a job with a newspaper and do twice the job of anyone with normal eysight.

The public would be much better educated.