'The evil that men do'

Friend, Fellow of the Ring and frequent commenter Frodo suggested in reference to yesterday’s post that “Dick Cheney is yesterday’s news.”

Yes, last week’s news, yesterday’s news, today’s news and probably tomorrow’s news.

I understand what Frodo meant, though: this former vice president, who left office with one of the lowest approval ratings ever, had his chance as White House puppetmaster nonpareil. There seems to be the same mentality behind Cheney being out in force hawking “The Bush Legacy” for a former boss incompetent to do so.

Cheney, who had no higher political aspirations during his eight-year tenure, will eventually fade away. How many former vice presidents can you name? Although, I dare say few who did not go on to serve as president have had his impact of U.S. policy.

The problem America faces, though, is: the evil that men do does not fade away. As Shakespeare said it “lives after them.”

And, there will always be evil men – and women.

The difference between the hobbit Frodo and your blog author (aka Merry of the Fellowship of the Ring) lies in his propensity for idealism and my strong tendency to be a realist.

Beyond that, the difference between those of us on the left - liberals, progressives, Democrats - and so many on the right is that they are willing to play dirty, while we make nice.

Never underestimate the potential for harm of an ideology willing to lie or go to any measure to promote itself, willing to put its money where its mouth is.

Let me give you a case in point:

Sunday morning following “Meet the Press,” NBC aired a 30-minute (that’s 30-minute, not 30-second) program, clearly marked “paid programming” but coming across as a news documentary. Featured on the program was a man previously investigated for fraudulent healthcare practices. Producers were that same group who gave us the “swift boat” ads which derailed John Kerry’s 2004 bid for the White House. The proven lies in those ads led to a new word in the Americcan lexicon: "swiftboating."

The purpose of this half-hour “program” was to misrepresent current efforts at healthcare reform and, in the process, scare the hell out of Americans.

Strategically timed, this infomercial was not aimed at “preaching to the choir.” Most diehard opponents of such reform would have been in churches across the land, where they were, no doubt, praying for the sick in their flock.

This “big lie” campaign was aimed at a broader audience.

I believe that every man, woman and child in this country deserves the “equal protection” of healthcare. Won’t you take a few minutes to read a little more about the battle to deny it?

“Swiftboating Health Care Reform,” The Progress Report, 1 June 2009.

Lives might depend on it.


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Falzone for America said...

Frightening as all get out isn't it? Reminiscent of the darkest time in history following its namesake "The Dark Ages" when the Nazi army and the brown shirt Italians took over control of millions through force and propaganda.

As time has progressed special interests have eroded regulation grasped more power and money, and purchased laws and media outlets to further their agenda.

The biggest travesty is not only the evil they do but the ignorance of those who are fooled by them.

Frodo, under the Pyramids with Barack said...

Frodo's head is so large because it is filled with dreams; with apologies to "The Elephant Man."

Tiny said...

You're in good hands with the Swiftboater's Health Care plans as long as you're a fetus. Once you're out of the womb, the hands slowly seperate and...kerplumk... you're just a drain on the system and of no further value, unless of course you manage to survive to be seventeen or eighteen years of age. Then you're an asset to be sent to the killing fields by rich, evil old men.

Survive that and...kerplunk... you're on your own again to get robbed by the rich, greedy, evil old bastards who steal, lie and torture to get what they want.

May the Powers That Be have mercy
on all of us. There's none so blind as those who have eyes to see but do not see! And ears to hear, but do not hear!

This is a span of time to learn that ignorance is NOT bliss.