Hey, that's my team!

From CQPolitics – Congressional Quarterly - today:

“President-elect Obama has announced the leaders of his transition team, and it's a mix of longtime Senate aides, friends, and top officials at the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank that has been a major influence on Obama’s policy proposals.” (LINK)


Only one political newsletter is allowed into my inbox daily, In my opinion, it is the most thorough, well-written and meticulously documented newsletter out there. Many times throughout these past several years I have encouraged my readers to subscribe.

No spin. No BS. Source links out the ying-yang!

The newsletter examines one main issue daily, but it is in the links on its right sidebar – not to be missed – where its real value lies – a wealth of information presented in BRIEFS – a one-stop plethora of news which will keep you in the know.

The Progress Report, prepared by the Center for American Progress. I love it! And, I owe it a lot.

Yes, THAT Center for American Progress now part of Barack Obama’s transition team. The Center’s John Podesta (BIOGRAPHY) has been named to lead the team.



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bbj said...

Thanks, BJ - I'm going there now to subscribe.

Love your blog. ~ bbj

B.J. said...

Some of you had trouble with the link to subscribe. I put a new link under "faves" in my left sidebare - "Progress Report - Subscribe! - that should take you there. Scroll down on right and put in your email address. Thanks! BJ