The Obama Potentate flag?

Frequent readers know source links are always supplied here, but in this case I will spare the quoted site author embarrassment.

In keeping with the theme of DemWit, described to your left, I submit the following post, pulled from a Web site, as proof, once more, that ignorance is the greatest enemy of America.

Now Obama Has His Own Flag–I Bet the Colors Run

This has really just gone way too far. At an Ohio campaign stop last week Obama gave a speech with a background of American flags which is quite common. However, if you look closely some of the flags are not American flags. The blue field has been changed to show an Obama seal. Yes, there are also stars but have no pattern and they do not add up to 50. Look at that disgusting thing flying with Old Glory.

I can’t believe that the mainstream media won’t report on this. Fortunately, we conservatives have radio. Stalwart reporter Bob Grant immediately called Obama out on the flag saying, “What is that flag that Obama has been standing in front of that looks like an American flag, but instead of having the field of 50 stars representing the 50 states there’s a circle. Would somebody please tell me what that is? Is that the O for Obama, is that what it is?…Did you notice that Obama is not content with having just several American flags, plain old American flags with 50 states represented by 50 stars…He had the flag painted over and the O for Obama. Now these things are symptomatic of a man who would like to be a potentate, a dictator.”

This is why Bob Grant is a great journalist and great reporter. He’s willing to call it like he sees it and not fall in line behind the Obama party line.

What’s really disgusting to me is while watching the least political of American political institutions–a college football game–I saw a state funded university during their halftime show form the Obama flag. This is beyond disgusting. This is an abuse of our tax dollars. If this was a private institution I could understand it, but this was the Ohio State Marching Band–Woody Hayes’ old school. This must not be tolerated. The phone number for the Ohio State University athletic department is (614) 292-7280. Call them and no (sic) that you do not want federally funded Universities engaging in such blatant politicing.

The above post, errors intact, had only one comment, and here it is:

“That’s the state flag of Ohio, you f***ing moron!”


God bless the USA!


Eowyn said...

Please don't let the McCain camp think too much on this matter, or we will actually see a flag with Annie-Get-Your-Gun Palin flying everywhere. I'm not the smartest person on earth, but the ignorance this election is unearthing is phenomenal. Bauk.

Anonymous said...

That's the state flag of Ohio you idiots, not an Obama flag. The photo you saw was the soon to be president standing in front of an Ohio flag.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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