Do you hear Mr. Obama, Mr. Edwards, Mr. Giuliani, Mr. Huckabee, Mr. McCain and so forth?

No. You hear Senator Obama, former Senator Edwards, Mayor Giuliani, Governor Huckabee, Senator McCain.

So, why “Mrs. Clinton”?

She is Senator Clinton.

Let’s all raise hell about the treatment of women in Muslim countries, but sexism – personal or insinuated – is not-so-subtle here in our own country.


I See My Dreams today: “The poop on Lou Dobbs”


Frodo said...

Frodo does not recall ever having heard Senator Boxer referred to as Mrs. Boxer. The same may be said of the US Senator from Texas, or the other Senator from California, or the Senator from Missouri, or the Senator from Maine, et al.
The Senator from New York is the only Senator who could carry the moniker of Former First Lady. That makes her different. Respectfully dear friend, this is a dog that doesn't hunt.

Eowyn said...

Frodo, you dog, what a comment.
First, Merry, that's a good observation. But, second, you know she has millions of dollars invested in her PR. It may just be her choice. That's a bone to chew on.

B.J. said...

Might buy the "her choice" theory except for the people who are using "Mrs." You know: Chris Matthews and all the Fox News gang. They are the same ones who are saying she wouldn't be anything today without Bill Clinton, which is, of course, absurd. Here's what they want to convey with the "Mrs." designation: if she were a character in Margaret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale," her name would be "Ofbill." Some men just cannot handle powerful women. ;-) The term "first lady" is not an official title, by the way, and, therefore, is not capitalized.

Frodo said...

So you're telling Frodo that "Mr. Clinton" will be known as "first laddie?"

Eowyn said...

I hear you, Merry, I'm just saying that the ways of politics, PR and straddling the line to pull in the largest number of people who will relate to your image is a fine line of a game. She has a very short time to draw in the largest number of people. And she has a staff to make sure this is done. Leave no person without an identity he can realate to.

I'm, personally, not clear on where the necessity of politics ends and the lady herself begins. I am not gung ho on the lady for this reason. Let's back up. I think she's great. And when Moynihan's position was taken from him for her, I thought it was a very good payoff for what she'd put up with--she'd made a very very good deal, rather than lose her own future. I'm saying she has nerves of steel and can turn a deal in the situation she was in.

President of the United States of America? I haven't seen the light there. I don't equate the lady with the attempted trashing of the Clintons reputations. I just can't see how she has morfed into president. And I'm not seeing it now either. I would like to see your vision, but I don't.

I'm sorry, but my greatest fear is that the weakest Democrats are the most endorsed for Republican gains. Or that it will turn out that way.

Enjoy your weather, I want to move there.