GOP caught in double fork

In a weekend when attention has turned to the past – 9/11 – and the present “threats” and “chatter” of another terrorist plot, I’m still working on the future.

I have read President Obama’s “jobs” speech and a number of reax articles, including a very thorough article on CNN.com this morning.

At the modern-day Tower of Babel known as Capitol Hill, reaction to Obama’s address to Congress is so varied it frankly gives me a headache, but it seems to me one thing is clear, the president has managed to turn the tables on the Republican-controlled House with his own double fork.

A double fork is a chess move where a player’s piece simultaneously attacks two of an opponent’s pieces, resulting in the capture of one of the pieces.

How does this relate to Election 2012?

On the one hand, according to the CNN.com article, House Republicans “unlike most Senate Republicans, face re-election races in 2012.” Possible support for Obama’s jobs plan “may stem from blunt messages they heard from constituents over the summer recess, as well as paltry public support according to recent polls.”

On the other hand, the GOP with a singular goal of defeating Obama in 2012 simply cannot let the president push through lesgislation which would put Americans to work and the country on a path to economic recovery.

If Washington fails to pass job-growth legislation now? Well, DemWit readers know what a stalemate is: that’s when nobody wins – in this case the American people.


Leslie Parsley said...

I thought one of the more brilliant strokes on Obama's part was when he attached certain aspects of the bill to Republicans for actually having proposed them. Cool dude that man is.

On the otherhand,I don't think the Republicans give a hoot in hell about the American people, so I'm sure it will be full steam ahead in their efforts to unseat Obama.

B.J. said...

LP: They do care about being re-elected, but given the record over the last decade, there are those who will vote for them no matter what. Thiink Cheney.

Leslie Parsley said...

Well, this is a startling article written by a former Republican congressional staffer which should give everyone pause. Pretty damn revealing.