'Deathers' replace birthers

A madness is sweeping this country in the form of conspiracacy theorists on the right and the left. No sooner is one round of idiocy laid to rest than another starts. I am just sickened by the following article, in which poor Cindy Sheehan continues to exhibit that she's "gone off the deep end" and a Fox News host spouts the vilest of accusations against President Obama:

"'Deathers' take over where 'birthers' left off," Shannon Travis, CNN political producer, 5 May 2011: LINK


tnlib said...

I'm not surprised at any of these idiots. Sheehan is as big a nut as any of them. Fox's ratings have begun to drop a tad, so hopefully that's a beginning. All those hits Alex Jones gets may include the same people watching the same video over and over as well as people who don't agree with him at all but want to keep an eye on him. Only 39 people have "liked" the FB page OBL is not dead. Three have posted and one of them told them they were idiots. If anything is dead it is this page.

Octopus said...

In my humble undersea community, there is a controversy raging about whether it was best to kill bin Laden or capture him for trial. I've stayed away from these discussions - seeing merit in both sides of the argument and a reflection of my own ambivalence. Given a choice between performing seals versus kangaroos holding court, perhaps this is the final irony fit for our times: Carp got the last of bin Laden.

Frodo, givin' 'em salt water, said...

Would Osama have been tried in a military tribunal or in a civilian criminal court?
With apologies to "Octopus," we will never know, because tonight, he sleeps with the fishes.
Perhaps that is the solution to our situation in Guantanamo, real water-boarding.

There are times when Frodo fears his own sense of humor. Given the depth perception of the potential Republicant candidates, one of them may propose the foregoing as a policy initiative.