No more 'Morning Joke'

Joe Scarborough came out of his hole this morning and is casting a shadow on my day.

If the stars are aligned correctly, the cable guy will come out tomorrow and switch my service from “expanded basic” to “basic.” Not only will it save me $45 a month, it will save me from the inane ranting of the host of “Morning Joe.”

What is MSNBC thinking letting this guy whine and rant for more than an hour – so far – this morning?

The stimulus bill is “the worst thing that has happened to this country since 9/11 and will destroy Ameriica,” according to the former congressman from the “Florida Riviera.” Moderate Democrats, he advises, have got to reign Obama in.

At least what he says is substantive. All weekend on cable news the right-wing was attacking Obama’s casual attire calling him less dignified that George W. Bush.

And, so it begins.

This old gal won’t be listening.


airth10 said...

Republicans don't have a lot to work with, why the reason for their stupid sniping. Things are so desperate for them that Rush Limbaugh has taken over as party leader.

Imagine how things have changed when the Republicans used to say that they were the party of ideas and Democrats were just, nowhere.

Tiny said...

Tiny didn't listen to Scarface anyway, nor any of the others. They say nothing worth listening to. But she thinks the worst thing that happened to this country was the Supreme Court appointing Dubya to the White House in 2000. It wasn't just a slippery slope; it was a full-speed-ahead plunge downhill, on down the rat hole.

President Obama will be great for this country if he doesn't have to spend time in battle with the old, worn out stuck-in-the-past Repungents. Time for the Grumpy Ole Poops (GOP)to be put out to pasture.

Falzone for America said...

I wonder if I am an extremist. It seems to me that even C-Span is conspicuously biased in favor of Republicans. Last weekend Washington Journal had a guest representing the opposition’s point of view. He was one of about 80 percent of their line-up. During his interview not one call got through in opposition to his highly partisan slant. As soon as he left the camera the calls started coming from citizens with well supported opposition to the privileged guest. One after the other call had their time on the soap box but the guilty party was no where to be heard or seen. CNN and many others are also on the offensive against Obama. I fear they will wear me out before I see any improvement in our country's policies.

B.J. said...

The transfer of C-SPAN 2, which covers the U.S. Senate, to a “digital package” was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me and led me to drop my “expanded basic” service with Charter Communications. When I called to ask about its removal from my lineup and the rep told me it was moved to a digital package, I’m sorry, but I played what my son calls “the blind card,” telling him “Digital does’nt mean *** to a legally blind person!” C-SPAN should be FREE to all Americans – access to live coverage both floors of Congress! BJ

Papamoka said...

The news cracks me up when they show Obama with his jacket off and call it disgraceful to the office of the Presidency. LBJ liked to roll up his sleeves with his jacket off in the oval office too. It's called working HARD!

I don't know about the rest of your readers BJ but if President Obama can get this nation out of the economic mess Bush left us, he can show up in his underwear for all I care! LOL!