That little checkbox

So, who’s paying for those big parties coming up? The ones with all the funny hats, buttons, banners and balloons?

When you check that little box on your tax return - the one asking if you’d like to help with the current political campaign – you aren’t really contributing a penny. Or, are you?

According to a CNN report this morning, your check mark actually gives Congress permission to use everyone’s tax dollars to foot convention bills.

Allocated for the big blowouts: $34 million - $17 million to each party – and an additional $70 million from the Justice Department for security – that’s $70 million to EACH party.

Wanna bet a few more tax bucks are involved?

Next week you can come home from work, collapse into your easy chair, watch ‘em pop the corks and toot the horns secure in the knowledge that all that $174 million in fun you’re watching on the tube just took a bite out of your paycheck.

You might want to wear your “Are we having fun yet?” T-shirt.


Roger said...

Get up out of those chairs, open your windows, and yell, "CAMPAIGN REFORM NOW!"

Anonymous said...

Roger, Roger, Roger, we've alrady done that, it was called McCain-Feingold. Frodo uses this as an example for all of us to recognize that it will be a good thing to elect a President is is not only "thoughtful," but "smart." It also helps if he keeps his zipper up.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back BJ..we all missed you. Love ya

Anonymous said...

Aaaaarrrgghh! Please, dear God, not a Texan! No one named Edwards. No one who looks like an overweight Lhasa Apso. Please, please, please.

Haven't you missed all this Merry?

B.J. said...

To be truthful, I’ve missed blogging like a toothache! DemWit will be a lighter blog, aiming at a little fun, sans the heavy documentation of “I See My Dreams.”

Speaking of iseemydreams.blogspot.com, I’ve had 700 visitors to that blog since I archived it and am still getting comments. Pretty good for doing nothing.

Unless readers want comments to remain anonymous, you can get around using that selection to comment by clinking on “Name/URL” and typing your name in the blank.

Hurry back!


Eowyn said...

You know, I read about the parties, and I wondered . . .how? . . .what? I mean now that you have filled me in I'm aghast. Are we in Rome or what? When does this stop? How bad do things have to get in this country before there is allignment?

GW's claim was that he was to restore respect to the White House. I loved the past administration. When you look at what he's actually done it's horrible.

I have been hoping that it is possible for the Dems to be taken seriously in this country, and I hope that they can be. Not just as backlash to the Republicans. But what kind of world is this? Eowyn

E said...

welcome back, by the way, good to see everyone again.

Anonymous said...

Well, the phoenix rose from the ashes again! Welcome back, BJ. Everyone party hearty when the gala events begin.

We can all celebrate that the Moronic Cabal is moving out of the White House. Maybe we can get together and get the Orkin Man to get rid of all the little bushie pests. Now that would be a cause for celebration.

Instead of tooting a horn, I think I will bang on metal garbage cans. I want everyone in the hood to know I'm cheering the end of the worst administration in American history.

Since this nation is scraping the bottom of the barrel the only way to go now is up.

Cheers, everyone!

Eowyn said...

Next day: Biden not a bad move, a very good and soothing move. Maybe there is respect to be restored to the White House. It's not so much about anything more than "First, do no harm." Then, let's work thru cleaning this mess up. Not a flamboyant administration, but the world will love it. E